Unit 5, Paxman Road, Hardwick Industrial Estate, King’s LyNn PE30 4NE

Welcome to Aerial Fitness & Fun

Aerial Fitness and Fun is a space of positivity, inspiration and empowerment. Our focus is on boosting your self-esteem through positive experiences at our friendly, inclusive studio.
Whether you are joining us as an alternative way to exercise, or because you have aspirations of running away with the circus, you are welcome.

Discover Aerial Fitness & Fun

Sessions are designed to be fun and you will work at your own pace. You often don’t realise how hard you have worked as you have been too busy enjoying yourself! Each person’s journey is individual. You will never be pushed to do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

Good Vibes

In our safe and supportive studio, you will feel empowered as you achieve moves you never thought you could. In turn, this helps you feel good about yourself whilst also increasing your fitness on every level.


Aerial Fitness and Fun will help you build physical and mental strength whilst often surprising yourself with what you can do! Aerial often involves facing our fears and pushing ourselves gently beyond our comfort zones.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, our studio is perfect for all year round. With comfortable sofas in reception, multiple bathrooms and changing rooms, you will feel right at home!


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Class bookings

Please see our list of classes and availability via the link below, you can also call us to reserve a place or class.

Telephone Reservations

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